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    Car wash project

    The idea of ​​a company that specializes in the field of modern or still under construction car laundries and old ones that seeks to renew with all equipment is one of the very distinct ideas and a lot of relief can be achieved through it if it turns into a project based on the ground due to the large spread of projects Car wash, which has increased due to the increase in the spread of cars. Below we will present the advantages and disadvantages of the project and its requirements in terms of location, area and labor. We will also show how to buy products and how to get profitable business deals.

    Some products may be traded

    Project features

        The project is characterized by a lack of competition, so you can hardly find a company working in the field of car wash supplies.
        The project is characterized by the high demand for its products due to the large number of car washers.
        Promoting and marketing its products in many and varied ways
        A large net profit can be achieved and profits can be increased by focusing on advertisements and attracting customers.

    Project disadvantages:

        The project needs good capital to be used to provide a suitable site and equip it with basic supplies and goods.
        Project management is not as easy as managing some other small projects, so the owner of the project must have administrative experience or ability to manage the project, and if not, a project manager can be employed.
        The entrepreneur may encounter difficulties in the beginning, but with understanding the market and customers more, the situation will improve a lot.


    In the beginning, the project must be implemented in a commercial area famous for the trade of various equipment and tools, or in a well-known area with a lot of movement, so you must specify the appropriate areas in your city or city in which you want to implement the project, then you can search for a large shop or exhibition With an area of ​​50 square meters or larger.

    Shop fittings

        Floors should be of smooth ceramic with an inclination to direct the water towards the drain.
        Plumbing must be made suitable for the laundry project, taking into account that the pipes used should be made of plastic.
        Delivery bank (a piece of wood or marble that separates workers and customers
        In the case of an air conditioner, a securit glass door can be made.
        Good lighting should be installed in all corners of the shop.
        Surveillance cameras and fire extinguishers must be installed


        Cleaning machine

        Products and how to buy them

        You can sell many products that are classified under the term car wash equipment, including (air compressors of different sizes, washing machines, water pumps, water plunger, foaming devices, dry and wet suction brooms, cleaning tools, polishing tools). As for how these products are purchased, they can be requested from one of the import and export companies or from one of the specialized importers, and it is better to import them from abroad directly on the shop, but in this case, an import card must be extracted and the importers register registered.

        Labor needed for the project

        The project needs sales staff with a high degree of professionalism and the ability to do e-marketing work, so that they manage the shop’s accounts on social media sites as well as prepare and publish promotional offers on the various forums and sites on which there are targeted customers, also the project needs marketing staff to work on Marketing products outside the boundaries of the exhibition.

        Marketing and customer attraction
            A suitable site should be chosen for the project so that it can be seen by the largest possible number of people and easy for customers to reach.
            A large sign can be hung in the width of the storefront explaining that the place is a company as well as a specialist in the field of supplying car washrooms with the latest equipment
            Business cards must be printed and distributed to the workers who came to the fair, whether they made the purchase or not.
            Hiring competent sales personnel is one of the important factors in increasing sales and profits, as they will have the ability to convince customers of the products in the store.
            E-marketing is very important, whether to spread the brand name of the company and increase its popularity or to increase sales directly, so paid ads and promotion must be done through different social media, forums and advertising classifieds.
            Assigning sales staff to visit car wash projects, whether that are still under construction, to offer fully equip them at the best prices, or projects that are already working, to offer them the missing equipment or newer equipment that they own.
            An advertisement can be made in the local advertising magazine about the car wash supply company project, provided that the advertisement is distinctive and visible in order to achieve good results.

        Required from the investor

        The investor wishing to implement the car wash supply company project must carry out a study of the market he intends to work in in order to know through it the volume of demand and supply, the competing companies, their prices, the types of products that are in great demand and the most important suppliers of products and opportunities that can be exploited, and perhaps studying the market is one of the things. Of great importance and it is determined whether the project is capable of achieving profits and successes or not, so it must be taken care of a lot and it is preferable to be carried out by specialists in the field of marketing consultancy, this and after completing the market study and making sure of the extent of the need for the project can do a study Financial to get acquainted with all financial matters, which are represented in (variable costs, fixed costs, expected revenues, expected net profit), as well as there must be a technical study to identify through it the matters related to the technical aspects such as (the schematic diagram of the project site, the size and specifications of the labor, stages Work, and others

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